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It is fascinating to see how things change and give way to new designs; when the most used materials are reinvented to continue showing off at the forefront of fashion; when the paillette leaves its legacy to fantasy. New and colourful shapes that dress original as well as elegant garments. Garments that dye colour and give life to our outfits. Yes, it is fascinating. Because in order to shape this fantasy dress, each strip of colour has been sewn one by one by our craftsmen. And not only on the outside, since inside it has bias sewn on sleeves, neck and bottom of the dress, as well as an inner lining. It is fascinating to see the result of a job so well done in our workshops, and with such delicacy. As comfortable to put on as to remove, this fantasy dress without a zipper and straight cut is easily combined with the rest of accessories. You just have to get carried away by the colour. <div> </div><div>It is recommended to wash the garment by hand. Do not use tumble drying. </div><div><br></div><div>Available in fantasy colour (multicolour strips). </div><div><br></div>
Manufacturer Silkiss
Category Vestidos Pallette

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