About us

About us
Silkiss emerged from the entrepreneur’s two great passions: history of fashion and history of art. A recent project in the world of e-commerce gave shape to a future, much more than she had ever imagined.
With more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion sector, working for large brands, both at the commercial level and as market manager for a Marketplace, they led her to put together a studio for online fashion sales, in which the consumer can have a unique shopping experience.

And that’s how Silkiss was born!

Silkiss combines the latest fashion trends with qualities that have become the pillars of the brand’s philosophy and essence: top craftsmanship, as our production is entirely carried out in artisanal workshops in the city of Barcelona, where all our models are made with high quality fabrics and spinning.
Each collection will include designs from young students working on their final degree project, which will be selected by the brand. All of our garments have a cool, fresh air, meaning that the company is constantly evolving and changing.

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